GLOBAL LINE s.r.l. an innovative company, with thirty employees, in addition to the owners, has it’s own characteristics as far as looking at it’s origin in craftsmanship, within the production level and relationship with their workers and clients.

Over the years, our company’s strong point has been to understand the necessities of our clients, by giving continuous information and collaboration, in both the research and in development of the collections within their structure as well as their production. In conclusion, GLOBAL LINE s.r.l. is an example of an enterprise where tradition in quality working, modernity and quickness in the production process and delivery not only represent our prime objective but a hard rock custom.

Our production aims to offer a high standard of quality in knitwear, which is developed in one concentrated production cycle within the manufacturing office.

We manufacture both menswear and womenswear, and have developed a special relationship with the workmanship of the most prestigious fibre: cashmere, which we take care of through constant research and development. GLOBAL LINE s.r.l. has a strong advantage to it’s location in Umbria, the only site in the world known for it’s quality and richness to produce. Our mission is to furnish the production of knitwear of high quality and high value for today’s modern and demanding clients.

Our firm is organized in the following: Research and development of prototypes and sample knitwear in the styles and yarns requested, a research laboratory where new knitting styles and methods are continually elaborated. Weaving - produced by electronic knit machines, looms, rectilinear hand machines, with knitting needle, with both hand made and machine embroidery of any kind.

Manufacturing - stock in all finishes up to 24 and knit-skin and knit-cloth application Laundry - the best of our firm: wash and fulling by water machine and dry cleaning in which we are able to develop new finishes . Press and final check - in the last work cycle, we check all items with illuminated mannequins for inadequacies, iron and then press, before folding and packaging for shipping.